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Ruh Kasturi Masala Incense Sticks | 100 GM (Approx. 50 Sticks)

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  • Devgandha Ruh Kasturi Incense has a delicate and seductive aroma which awakens your senses. A perfect blend of white musk, kama kasturi, and resins.
  • This fragrance, with its calming and serene aroma, is excellent for setting the mood in any living space. It's perfect if you're looking to wind down after a stressful day.
  • Devgandha incense sticks are free from any harmful chemicals.
  • Devgandha Incense are handcrafted by the Brijwasi women from the Land of Lord Krishna – Vrindavan.
  • Weight – 100 gm (Approx. 50 Sticks) | Burning Duration – 45 Min
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    Why Devgandha

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    Ruh Kasturi Masala Incense Sticks | 100 GM (Approx. 50 Sticks)
    Ruh Kasturi Masala Incense Sticks | 100 GM (Approx. 50 Sticks)
    Ruh Kasturi Masala Incense Sticks | 100 GM (Approx. 50 Sticks)
    Reviving Indian Fragrance Roots Empowering Women of Vrindavan
    Original and Distinctive Fragrances
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Swapnil Shrivtastav
    Overall Satisfaction

    Devgandha Ruh Kasturi Masala Incense has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From the enchanting fragrance to the quality of ingredients and mindful production, it has become my go-to incense for creating an atmosphere of tranquility and joy. Highly recommended!

    Shatabdi Gupta
    Versatile Use

    Whether I'm unwinding after a long day, practicing mindfulness, or hosting guests, Devgandha Ruh Kasturi Masala Incense proves to be versatile. Its inviting fragrance adapts to various settings, enhancing the overall ambiance with a touch of warmth and positivity.

    Gaurav Singla
    Packaging Elegance

    The packaging of Devgandha Ruh Kasturi Masala Incense reflects the elegance of the product within. The beautiful design adds a touch of sophistication to any space. It's a pleasure to have on display.

    Harinder Madaan
    Spiritual Upliftment

    Using Devgandha Ruh Kasturi Masala Incense is more than just a sensory experience; it's a journey towards spiritual upliftment. The soothing aroma creates a sacred atmosphere, making it the perfect companion for meditation, prayer, or moments of introspection.

    Mohit Pradhan
    Artistically Crafted Sticks

    The incense sticks themselves are a work of art. The attention to detail in the crafting of each stick is remarkable. The even burn and minimal smoke make for a pleasant and hassle-free experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the fragrance without any interruptions.