Our Story

Devgandha means ‘having divine aroma’ in Sanskrit. Use of fragrances in different forms finds its origin in antiquity. For centuries, we have been using aromas to please our gods, for healing, for therapeutic benefits. India has a rich legacy of extracting essential oils and perfumes, but over time Indian fragrances lost its charm and we started copying western fragrances blindly.
Our ultimate goal is to provide a distinctive collection of fragrances that will be cherished for years to come. Devgandha has an array of heavenly and rare fragrances designed to bring you absolute serenity.

Original Heavenly Fragrances - Devgandha seeks to offer you a beautiful and luxury experience of aromatherapy, natural remedies and fine scents created with unique ingredients thus creating fragrances for wellness. We do not settle for one size fits all policy. When it comes to perfume, we tend to choose the best ingredients based on Indian tastes, preferences and climate.
Soothes Your Soul - Devgandha is a brand that has emerged out of the desire to create unique and exclusive fragrances. Our fragrances uplift your mood, making you feel calm and relaxed. Devgandha is a collection of fragrances that come from nature and are created with natural essences that uplift your mood, energise your senses and fill you with a sense of positivity.
Indian at Heart - Kannauj, in Uttar Pradesh, India, has been renowned for centuries as the ‘perfume capital’ for its history of distilling and extracting essential oils. Despite having this rich legacy, today we are just creating the clones of western designer fragrances. We strive to break this pattern by introducing our own unique blends.