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Honey Sutra Perfume Roll-On | Alcohol Free | 10 ML - Women

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Indulge your senses in the sweet and sensuous world of Honey Sutra Perfume Roll-On. Crafted with precision and infused with the essence of nature's most exquisite ingredients, this luxurious fragrance is designed to awaken your inner desires and captivate those around you.

  • Top Notes: Honey Sutra opens with a rich and tantalizing note of Saffron. The warm and exotic aroma of saffron lends an alluring, spicy-sweet quality to the scent, setting the stage for an intoxicating olfactory experience.

  • Middle Notes: As you delve deeper into the fragrance, you'll be greeted by the opulent heart of Rose. The lush and velvety scent of roses in full bloom evokes feelings of romance and passion, enveloping you in an enchanting floral embrace.

  • Base Notes: The base notes of Honey Sutra are a symphony of sensuality. Moss adds a touch of green freshness, while Amber and Caramel introduce a warm and sweet depth that's simply irresistible. Musk rounds out the composition with a soft and seductive finish that lingers on the skin.

Honey Sutra Perfume Roll-On is a celebration of desire and seduction. Its harmonious blend of saffron, rose, moss, amber, caramel, and musk weaves a story of passion and sensuality. This fragrance is the perfect accessory for those special moments when you want to feel irresistible and confident.

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