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Divine Aura Air Freshener | Floral & Powdery | 100 ML

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  • Whether you're creating a soothing ambiance for yoga and meditation, seeking moments of calm in your busy day, or simply looking to unwind at home after a long day at work, Divine Aura Air Freshener will envelop your space in an aura of serenity and relaxation.
  • Divine Aura Air Freshener welcomes you with a gentle fusion of sweet and floral notes. The top notes release a soothing sweetness that is both comforting and inviting, while the heart of the fragrance features an elegant bouquet of blossoms. This delightful combination envelops your space in a warm and serene aura, perfect for creating a calming and inviting atmosphere.
  • Devgandha Air Fresheners boasts a long-lasting formula that ensures your space remains enveloped in its captivating fragrance for an extended period. Just a few spritzes are all you need to transform your surroundings.
Direction Of Use

Hold the bottle upright and spray away from face and body. The spray is released from the nozzle when pressed down.

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    Why Devgandha

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    Best Air Freshener for Home, Kitchen and Office
    Divine Aura Air Freshener | Floral & Powdery | 100 ML
    Divine Aura Air Freshener | Floral & Powdery | 100 ML
    Reviving Indian Fragrance Roots Empowering Women of Vrindavan
    Original and Distinctive Fragrances
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    The soothing aroma of Divine Aura Air Freshener is your key to maintaining an ambiance of tranquillity in your home. Its exceptional longevity ensures that your living space is continually graced with the calming scent of fresh lavender, from the moment you spritz until well into the day or evening.


     Divine Aura is designed to transform your living space into a sanctuary of calm and comfort, making each moment a serene experience. Its long-lasting properties ensure that your home remains a haven of relaxation.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Pradeep S
    Floral & Powdery - Highly recommended for a fresh smelling car

    Hi, Air fresher was refreshingly good and good mood enhancer. But one recommendation, kindly ensure the bottle is good condition. May due to packaging issue the bottle was leaking when i received it and there was lot of spilage.

    Narayan Aiyar
    Devgandha is very nice product.

    I am using it and it money's worth. Will recommend others to buy.

    Rosh Chandra

    Divine Aura Air Freshener | Floral & Powdery | 100 ML

    Shantanu Dutta.
    Luv in air

    It’s heart touching aroma and keep me in happy mood all day . Thanks I feel more comfortable driving my car in mad rush . It increases my dopamine flow

    Deepak Ladha
    Good product

    Product is good but packaging need to be improved for online buying. I received the pack in damaged condition, i.e., the bottle had leaked inside the pack where almost 25% of the product was lost.