Our Story

Devgandha means ‘having divine aroma’ in Sanskrit. Devgandha stands out as a brand committed to reviving India's rich heritage of fragrances and essential oils. The brand is dedicated to recapturing the essence of Indian fragrance traditions, focusing on distinct and natural aromas inspired by Indian tastes, preferences, and climate. 

Original & Distinctive Fragrances

Devgandha's commitment to providing original and distinctive fragrances is a key highlight. Rather than blindly copying Western scents, the brand takes a unique approach to sourcing and creating fragrances. With a diverse range of heavenly and rare scents, Devgandha offers a luxury experience that captures the essence of nature and is designed to bring serenity to those who use them.

Aromatherapy & Wellness Focus

Devgandha goes beyond just offering perfumes; it's a brand that places a strong emphasis on the therapeutic benefits of fragrances. Their fragrances aim to soothe the soul, uplift moods, and create a sense of calm and relaxation. By using natural essences and unique ingredients, Devgandha's scents are tailored to energize the senses and promote positivity, promoting overall well-being.

Kannauj's Perfume Legacy

Devgandha recognizes the historical significance of Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, as the 'perfume capital' of India. Despite this rich legacy, many contemporary Indian fragrances imitate Western designer scents. Devgandha seeks to break this pattern by introducing its own unique blends, thus paying homage to India's perfume heritage and offering a fresh perspective on fragrances rooted in Indian culture and tradition.